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There are two important points of the flight plan for the plane being in the sky — one is T/C, so called «top of climb», and the other one is T/D, «top of descent».

On the pilot ND navigation display this T/C point is shown as follows:

On the left side of the above picture you will find PFD primary flight display with the avia-horizon, speed and altitude lines, as well as on the right ND navigation display you should look for the schematic map with all necessary marks and symbols, required for the attention of the pilot in flight. Try to find  green «T/C» dot. This is what we are talking about.

Top of climb — is estimated point where the aircraft after take off finishes to move up, takes expected cruise altitude and starts its horizontal phase of the flight. Wiki says the following about:

In aviation, the top of climb, also referred to as the TOC or T/C, is the computed transition from the climb phase of a flight to the cruise phase, the point at which the planned climb to cruise altitude is completed.

Now you’ll say: «What is it all about?»

Let’s imagine that T/C is a kind of ultimate dream of the human in his life. Did you already rich yours? Hope I did not. Extend your climb as much as you can, but even most important is to continue your horizontal flight in case you are already in that phase, delaying you top of descent.

T/D — is the moment, when the plane starts to move down for the landing. From the other side, treat the touch down as a fresh opportunity for starting new flight.

As you most probably already realized, the name of this blog is inspired by the aviation and all what relates to it. I’ll manage this blog in English, as it simpler and faster because this language lets explain all the things in much more compressed and optimized way than much others.

Welcome on board, and see you on my pages!

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