Some flying in X-Plane

Did some flying in X-Plan 11 with B738 from Zibo. Love this plane very much. Time to time I’ll share some screenshots, which I find interesting.

After push and start from the stand, IRS were switch off by mistake — waiting for re-alignment. In real life I would be forced by ATC to go back to the gate in order to vacate the taxiways. Serious penalties will follow, but here in the virtual life we are much freed.

The same view from outside of the plane. UUOO airport. Voronezh, Russia.

In flight. Still climbing. Passing FL200, climb to cruise FL330. Climb speed 272 knots.

Minsk international airport, UMMS. On stand 27, preparing for taxi.

Night Minsk.

After flight. Landed at UMMS and parked at stand 9.

Safe landings!

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