LEPA in the afternoon

Today was quite an interesting flying from LEBL to LEPA – from Barcelona to Palma. When I’m writing this post, METAR already looks more or less good:

LEPA 172100Z 31008KT 270V340 9999 FEW020 SCT030 11/06 Q0997 NOSIG

Couple of hours ago the picture was very different: rain, wind gusts up to 30 knots… It was quite funny to have mostly permanent windshear warning on the PFD, while landing around 3.000 ft. All this on the top of full IVAO control, including Approach, Tower and Ground at LEPA.

I liked IVAO much more than VATSIM for its sound quality, as you don’t need to request ATC every time to repeat the commands. At the same time, it’s true, that the quality of control itself is better in VATSIM. Nothing is ideal in this world.

This route is rather short. From Barcelona to Palma it took around 45 minutes, and back – approx. 35 minutes. Your flight level should not exceed FL200, moreover while going South to Palma it should be odd and vice-a-versa when you go back. I took cruise level FL190, and back to LEBL – FL180. Between T/C and T/D you have just around 10 minutes only. Indeed, good route for training and testing new aircraft in X-Plane, if any.

Landing RWY 24L was active. ILS approach, heading 328 degrees, ILS frequency – 109.30.

Have safe landings!

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